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Heide Park Resort: Scream

71 metre free fall

The goosebump moment just before the 71-metre free fall, when your heart is pounding up to your throat, is something only skydivers know. One of the largest gyro-drop towers in the world first takes you high up - and then pulls you down with it at a speed of almost 100 km/h! Why all this madness? Because of the completely crazy feeling of happiness that goes through your stomach. But beware: danger of addiction!

Scream - Facts

Minimum height: 130 cm, Maximum height: 195 cm, Age: 10 years and over

Year of manufacture: 2003, Manufacturer: Intamin

Speed: 98.3 km/h

Drop height: 71 m

Height: 103 m

Duration: 77 sec.


Pregnant women, persons with disabilities, persons with cardiovascular problems as well as back and/or high blood pressure problems may not be able to ride.

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