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Discover the different themed rooms in our Abenteuerhotel

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Stay with Peppa Pig, Toothless & Co.

Please note that the photos are sample images.

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Peppa Pig Super Premium

Even more highlights for Peppa fans! (example photo)

Peppa Wutz Hotelzimmer / Lüneburger Heide Hotel, Niedersachsen.

Peppa Pig Premium

Makes dreams of Peppa fans come true! (example photo)

Heide Park Resort Abenteuerhotel Drachenzähmen Diesuite 001

Drachenzähmen Suite

For young and old vikings! (example photo)


Drachenzähmen Premium

Toothless and Hick are excited for you! (example photo)

P1019944 Windows

Ghostsbusters Premium

Only for real ghost hunters! (example photo)

Dschungel Premium Zimmer - Schnäppchen Familienurlaub Heide Park

Dschungel Premium

Off to the jungle... (example photo)

Urlaub Mit Kindern, Ferien Niedersachsen, Heide Park Hotel Resort

Western Premium

Stay overnight like a real cowboy! (example photo)

Dämonen Premium Zimmer - Schnäppchen Urlaubsziele Angebote

Dämonen Premium

Not for the faint hearted... (example photo)

Piraten Zimmer - Schnäppchen Kurzurlaub Deutschland

Piraten Premium

Off to your bunk, pirates! (example photo)

Heide Park Resort Abenteuerhotel Seeräuber Kajüte 002


Ahoy you landlubbers! (example photo)

Heide Park Resort Abenteuerhotel Kapitäns Zimmer 001


Aye aye Captain! (example photo)

Rundum Sicheres Abenteuer

Adventure - but safe!

All the laundry that we use in the Adventure Hotel is cleaned in a product- and environmentally-friendly manner by the Stich laundry, in compliance with all RKI guidelines. This is a RAL quality mark company and is also certified for quality and environmental management.

Independent wash cycle inspections and hygiene tests certify not only cleanliness, but also hygiene in compliance with all environmental protection measures with a modern machine park. It is not only the laundry that is hygienically impeccable: the laundry containers are also disinfected before they are loaded with fresh laundry. Likewise, the hoods are all washed before they arrive on the clean side of production and are sealed in a disinfected container.

We can promise you: Adventure - but safe!

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