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Park regulations


You are about to start for day of adventure. While enjoying the park and its attractions, we would ask you to maintain the usual care and consideration. This means primarily that you take responsibility for yourself and others, and that you keep to the general rules of courtesy. Safety comes first at here at the Heide Park Resort. You can support our efforts in this regard by adhering to the following park resort rules, which are the foundation of the contract between Heide Park Resort and its visitors.

1. Parking

Our parking is  subject to the same rules and signage as everywhere else in Germany, so the  Straßenverkehrsordnung applies, which is the national road traffic regulation. To facilitate free-flowing traffic, the instructions of our parking attendants must strictly be followed. Please park your vehicle only in spaces which were designated for this purpose. If you park your vehicle anywhere else and obstruct traffic, we will have to tow it away at your expense and your risk.
The parking fee covers usage of the provided parking space, not any surveillance of the vehicle. Therefore, please make sure that all doors, windows, the trunk and roof are closed and no items remain in the vehicle when you leave it. We also ask you to leave no animals inside your vehicle. Heide-Park Soltau GmbH is not liable for damages inflicted by burglary or acts of destruction committed by third parties. This also holds true when the damages are caused by storms, fire, hail, explosion or other unusual occurrences. The exclusion of liability does not hold true when the damage is caused grossly negligent or deliberately by employees of Heide-Park Soltau GmbH. Compensation can only be paid if you inform our personnel at the Service Centre before leaving the park, and if the notification of claim is reasonable.

2. Admission / Opening hours

The Heide Park Resort premises may only be entered at the designated visitor entrances after presenting a valid ticket. Tickets must be retained for the duration of the stay and must be presented upon request. 
All rights that are obtained by purchasing a ticket expire upon exiting the park premises.
To re-enter on the same day, visitors can get a hand stamp at the exit.  
A season ticket allows the person named on the ticket to enter the park at any time during general opening hours for exactly one year following the purchase of the ticket. The ticket is not transferable and can be confiscated without substitution when abused. Selling a season ticket does not require Heide-Park GmbH to open the park every day for the duration of the ticket's validity. Opening hours can be adjusted without prior notice.

Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs can be denied entry to the park or be expelled from the park. Even after general legalisation, the consumption of cannabis is not permitted on our premises, also in consideration of the many families with children.
An offence against the house rules can be denied entry to the park or be expelled from the park. 

3. Resale of tickets, contractual penalty

To prevent tickets from being resold, the ticket purchaser is not permitted:

a) to sell tickets at a higher price than the price charged by Heide Park Resort; this also applies in particular when tickets are passed on privately;

b) to sell tickets on a trade or commercial basis without obtaining explicit written permission beforehand from the Heide Park Resort;

c) to use tickets as part of competitions, travel or hospitality offers or publicly for promotional or marketing purposes without obtaining written consent beforehand from the Heide Park Resort;

d) to offer tickets for sale themselves or through third parties on online auction sites;

e) to offer tickets for sale themselves or through third parties on other unauthorised internet platforms;

f) to pass on the tickets without explicit reference to these general terms and conditions, in particular this clause, even if the act of passing on tickets is not banned by this regulation.

The Heide Park Resort shall be entitled to demand that ticket purchasers who pass on and/or offer tickets in breach of these provisions pay a contractual penalty for each breach. The determining factor for the number of breaches shall be the number of tickets offered, sold, passed on or used.

If there is a breach of the prohibitions which are listed above, the ticket shall no longer be valid and shall no longer entitle the holder to visit the Heide Park The Resort. Heide Park Resort shall also reserve the right to refuse to allow people who are in breach of the above prohibitions in resale to purchase tickets in the future and/or to take further steps under civil law and/or criminal law.

4. General Safety Regulations

Dogs are welcome guests, but they must be kept on a leash. Dangerous dogs as determined by Niedersachsen's law about keeping dogs (niedersächsisches Gesetz über das Halten von Hunden) must not be taken into the park. Dogs are not allowed at shows, rides, and in special areas marked by signs. Dog excrements are to be removed. Free dog hygiene sets can be obtained at the Service Centre. Other pets are not allowed at Heide Park Resort.

Fire police's directives must be obeyed on the park premises. Barbecues are illegal on the entire premises. Smoking is not allowed at any of the attractions. This is also true for queues and restaurants.  
Visitors are not allowed to leave the roads. Safety barriers, fences and walls must not be climbed over. Heide-Park Soltau GmbH is not liable for injuries suffered on marked operating and personnel roads due to breach of legal duty to maintain safety.

Weapons or dangerous items such as guns, knives, chains, and knuckle-dusters are not allowed on the premises of Heide-Park Soltau GmbH.

All instructions by Heide Park Resort personnel must be obeyed.

Wilful noise-making and loud playing of music is not allowed.

Wearing outerwear is mandatory.

Bringing bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, sledges etc. is not allowed due to safety concerns.

On account of inclement weather conditions (rain, sleet, snowfall etc.) and water splashing from the water rides, there may be a risk of slipping in the park. Guests are therefore advised to exercise the necessary level of caution and care throughout the park and to wear non-slip, sturdy shoes, not to walk and run quickly, and to use the hand rails which are provided. There is a complete ban on swimming and access to all water areas within the park.

5. Using the establishments and attractions at Heide Park Resort

The park's establishments are available for you within the limitations of each one's usage restrictions. Please regard the personnel's instructions. Our employees can expel you from an attraction without compensation if you disregard usage restrictions, instructions for use, or instructions from our personnel wilfully and knowingly.

This also holds true when you try to jump the queue. Please understand that not every attraction is appropriate for all visitors. You can find the usage restrictions on our website, on information boards at the entrance and on boards in front of the individual attractions. The restrictions are determined by the Technical Control Board (TÜV) to ensure your personal safety.

You are liable for all damages caused by disregard of instructions for use or usage restrictions, by negligence or by deliberate acts.

When electric power is interrupted due to thunderstorms, storms or other occurrences, and when this causes operating stoppages among establishments or attractions, no refunds or partial refunds of the admission fees can be demanded.

In the case of strong winds, reduced visibility, thunderstorms or special weather conditions we are required to shut down individual establishments and attractions to protect the safety of our visitors. This does not entitle guests to full or partial refunds of their admission fees.

6. Playgrounds

Playground equipment, play areas and related items or establishments are used at one's own risk. Only children up to 12 years may use the playground equipment. Parents are responsible for their own children and will be held liable for their children's actions.

7. Obligatory supervision

We advise all parents and other accompanying adults to exercise their legal duty of supervision carefully because we cannot release them from that. Within this context, accompanying adults and parents are also held responsible for all damages caused by the persons they are supervising.

During our special evening events children under the age of 16 will only be permitted in the company of an adult/ legal guardian.

8. Limitation of liability

We are liable for all damages caused by culpable violation of an obligation that is essential to the contract as well as damages which are attributable to gross negligence or deliberate acts. 
In the case of culpable violation of an obligation that is essential to the contract, without gross negligence or deliberate acts, we are not liable for unforeseeable and untypical damages. Our liability for damages arising from death and injury to body and health are not affected by this. Heide-Park Soltau GmbH is not liable for items which are handed over to park personnel or laid down on the park premises.

Heide-Park Soltau GmbH is also not liable for any items such as mobile phones, cameras, earrings etc. which are damaged, destroyed or lost while using one of the attractions. For a fee, objects of value can be safely deposited in one of the lockers at our Service Centre.

The services of the park's first aid staff do not substitute for any medical care that might be necessary.

9. Facilities out of service

When individual facilities are out of service, for example due to maintenance work, examinations by the Technical Control Board (TüV), force majeure or adverse weather conditions, admission fees cannot be refunded.

10. Notification of claim

All facilities in the park are carefully maintained and monitored. Should you nevertheless suffer damages (including material damage, personal injury and other kinds of damages) through no fault of your own, notify park personnel at the Service Centre before leaving the premises. Also notify the Service Centre when you have reason to believe that an occurrence might lead to damages later. There can be no claim for damages when a possible and reasonable notification of claim reaches us after you have left the park premises.

11. Promotional activities and offering goods and services

Promotional activities, as well as offering goods and services on the entire park premises (including parking lots and the areas in front of the entrance) are only allowed when Heide Park management has given its written consent. This also holds true for opinion polls and counts. Promotional activities and demonstrations for organisations, associations, special interest groups and individual concerns, by any means, are not allowed on the park premises, inside the buildings, at the rides etc. Each such activity will individually be punished by expulsion from the park, legal actions pertaining to civil law, and criminal prosecution due to trespassing.

12. Filming and photo shootings for promotional purposes

Your film and photo footage for private use is only allowed in our public areas. Filming or taking pictures during a ride (especially on the big rides) are not permitted at all. This includes the usage of camera, such as Go Pro’s as these have been forbidden due to safety reasons. This also includes the usage of body harnesses, helmets or professional holding devices. Our staff has been authorised to stop any attempt of filming or taking pictures whilst on the ride.

Filming for commercial reasons as well as PR purposes or with a television crew have to be authorised via our in House PR department and will always be accompanied with the Park’s premises.

When we have film and photo shootings at Heide Park Resort, we will aim to mark all areas/ rides/ attractions if possible. Please stay away from these areas if you do not wish to be on footage as all these materials are for public viewings. If possible  let the photographer/ camera team know that you do not want such footage to be used.

The use of drones is forbidden on our entire premises (including in the car parks and in the Holiday Camp) for safety reasons and out of consideration for our guests (personal rights/right to the picture). Drone recordings are carried out exclusively by the Heide Park Resort itself under strict security regulations. There is no possibility for private individuals to use drones.

13. Data Protection

All personal information is protected in accordance with data protection conditions, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). The customer consents to the saving and use of his or her personal details for the purpose of information and advertising within the framework of data protection legislation and to the forwarding to third parties for credit check purposes. Consent can be revoked at any time in any form to Heide-Park Soltau GmbH. Data shall be deleted upon receipt of the revocation. The BONIMA Score from Boniversum is a score for forecasting default probability (prognosis) and is formed from empirical data (affidavits, bankruptcy features, debt collection cases, etc., from data about the queried address and from the data recorded about the querying person in the application . When using the scores, in which address details are taken into account, the pool customer is required by Section 28b No. 4 BDSG to inform the end customer before calculating the score. This information can be provided, for example, in the General Terms and Conditions, the order documents or on the internet in the pool customer's order dialogues. It can be provided via a simple note: "When concluding, implementing or terminating this contract we record or use probability scores for your future payment history. Address details are also used to calculate these probability scores."

14. Domiciliary rights

Heide-Park Soltau GmbH is entitled to expel persons from the park premises without compensation if they violate park regulations or if they do not own a valid ticket for the park. 
Visitors can also be expelled from the park without entitlement to admission refunds if they disturb other guests, if they use facilities in disregard of the instructions for use or usage restrictions, if they disregard the instructions of park personnel or mandatory-signs, or if they cause disruption in any other way.


Soltau, 21. July 2014 
Heide-Park Soltau GmbH

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