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Heide Park Resort: KRAKE

Germany's first Dive Coaster

There is great excitement in the bay of the skull pirates. Mysterious things are happening in the otherwise peaceful, centrally located Heide Park Lake: the body of water is coming to life. A gigantic monster has recently been wreaking its merciless havoc there.

KRAKE, Germany's first Dive Coaster: strapped mercilessly into your seat, with dangling feet searching for a secure hold, you are pulled up to spectacular heights above the Heide Park lake. Once at the top, there is no escape: For agonizing seconds, you look down in panic at the shipwreck in the clutches of the beast. Suddenly you plunge vertically into the depths. Will you escape the beast?

Heide Park Resort: KRAKE

360° experience on KRAKE

Take a virtual plunge into the depths with KRAKE.
Experience Germany's first Dive Coaster!

KRAKE - Facts

Minimum height: 140 cm, Maximum height: 195 cm, Age: 12 years and older

Year of manufacture: 2011, Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Speed: 103 km/h

Track length: 476 m

Height: 41 m


Pregnant women, persons with disabilities, persons with cardiovascular problems as well as back and/or high blood pressure problems may not be able to ride.

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