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Heide Park Resort: Big Loop

Your world is upside down.

A real classic - but still unique: the looping coaster takes you on a wild journey through two loops and a double corkscrew. Your world is turned upside down four times as you descend from a height of 30 metres. This will make even the bravest of pirates scream...

Heide Park Resort: Big Loop

360° experience on Big Loop

Now ride the classic roller coaster Big Loop virtually!

Big Loop - Facts

Minimum height: 120 cm, Maximum height: 195 cm, Age: 6 years and older

Year of manufacture: 1983, Manufacturer: Vekoma

Speed: 70 km/h

Track length: 704 m

Height: 30 m

Duration: 108 sec.

Children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Persons with disabilities, pregnant women or persons with back and/or high blood pressure problems may not be able to ride.

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