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Heide Park Resort

Experience our new attractions, for example the stars from the DreamWorks Animations hit film "Madagascar" live on stage in "Madagascar LIVE!" and Germany's first Dive Coaster KRAKE and the horror show KRAKE Alive or any of our other attractions. Depending on you age, your adventurousness and your thrill-willingness you can choose the adventure that will suits you. Be brave and take a ride in Colossos, Europes highest woodencoaster, or rush into the deep with Sream, our gyro-drop-tower.

If your a child you will have shining eyes when taking place in the Wichtelhausenbahn oder get soaking wet in Mountain-Rafting. Or think about some time at the adventure playground. You will experience fantastic adventures.

Plan your trip or short break to Heide Park Resort with your friends or your family and have a great time.